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RFID Journal discusses RFID and ePedigree with Shabbir Dahod

January 12, 2014

RFID Journal took a recent look at the adoption, and the barriers for adoption, of RFID tagging for use in tracking pharmaceuticals across the global supply chain and combating drug diversion and counterfeiting. While RFID has seen some use in tracking certain specialty drugs and other countries such as South Korea have supported industry pilots of the technology, here in the United States, RFID has taken a back seat to 2D Data Matrix barcodes in recent years. 

Jennifer Zaino of RFID Journal interviewed TraceLink President and CEO Shabbir Dahod to get his take on the benefits/challenges of RFID, why RFID has seen slow adoption here in the United States and what the future holds for RFID now that the Drug Quality and Security Act has passed with its focus on 2D Data Matrix.

You can read the article here.

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