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Shabbir Dahod Speaks on Technology Transformation at Wedbush Securities

February 23, 2013

TraceLink President and CEO Shabbir Dahod will join a group of luminary entrepreneurs and technologists at the 2013 Wedbush Securities Transformational Technologies conference in New York City, NY on March 6-7th. The Wedbush conference, headlined by such groundbreaking companies as and NVIDIA, looks at the future of technology and it's impact on business.

Mr. Dahod will join a panel discussion of fellow technology company executives to examine:

  • The upcoming trends and the evolution of technology over the next 2-5 years
  • Growth and scalability opportunities that arise for businesses due to the rise of new and disruptive technologies
  • TraceLink's experience of the power of cloud-based application platforms to transform an industry like Life Sciences

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