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TraceLink Finalist for MassTLC Innovation Technology Award

August 23, 2012

TraceLink Inc., helping businesses securely supply every global market opportunity on-time and in-full, announced today that the TraceLink Business Cloud is a finalist for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Innovative Technology of the Year: Cloud Computing award. This nomination is the latest in a string of awards won by TraceLink for its innovative cloud-based application platform designed to improve global supply network performance, enhance external supply planning and ensure product traceability and serialization compliance for pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, CMO/CPOs, wholesale distributors, pharmacies and other participants across the supply chain.


The TraceLink Business Cloud was selected for its innovative application of cloud-computing technology, social networking principles pulled from Facebook and LinkedIn and “integrate-once, interoperate-with-everyone” transaction translation platform that, combined with extensive supply chain management capabilities, drive better visibility, collaboration and performance across supply, manufacturing and distribution operations.

“TraceLink enables Life Sciences companies and other businesses to maximize revenue growth from global markets and cost savings from global outsourcing through better visibility, collaboration and oversight across all supply network relationships,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “We are honored to be recognized for the customer value we have created by providing executives, planners, operational leaders and IT teams with the information and insights they need to meet growing demand, access new markets, streamline business operations and prepare for emerging track and trace regulatory compliance requirements.”

The TraceLink Business Cloud is a cloud-based application platform that creates a global, collaborative business network connecting business transactions, partner networks and professional relationships across company and functional boundaries. Built on the Amazon AWS cloud computing platform, the TraceLink Business Cloud enables:

The TraceLink Business Cloud combines InfoExchange (“integrate-once, interoperate-with-everyone” transaction translation platform), ProcessLink (point-and-click team collaboration workspaces), cross-linked business processes for production lifecycle management and global supply chain traceability with an integrated planning and analytics dashboard. The result is network-wide visibility, real-time data access for SAP, Oracle, QAD and other business systems, and cross-company, cross-functional supply network collaboration from raw material supply and outsourced manufacturing through global product distribution.

The TraceLink Business Cloud helps companies improve supply planning and agility in reacting to customer demand, ensure on-time delivery, reduce order fulfillment cycle times, ensure accurate inventory balance calculations for Sarbanes-Oxley, improve right-first-time pharmaceutical quality and simplify compliance with pharmaceutical serialization, traceability and ePedigree regulations for the US, India, Turkey, China, Brazil and other countries. Companies using the TraceLink Business Cloud include firms of all sizes and maturities from top-5 pharmaceutical companies, CMOs/CPOs and pharmacies to fast-growing biopharmaceutical companies and wholesale distributors.

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About TraceLink

TraceLink helps companies securely supply every global market opportunity on-time and in-full through the TraceLink Business Cloud. The TraceLink Business Cloud is a cloud-based application platform that connects business transactions, partner networks and professional relationships across companies and functions. The result is improved visibility, predictability and performance across global supply, manufacturing and distribution operations. The TraceLink Business Cloud combines an “integrate-once, interoperate-with-everyone” transaction translation platform, user-managed business collaboration workspaces and cross-linked business process modules on a globally elastic cloud infrastructure to help companies realize their strategic goals in improving global supply network performance.

TraceLink is funded by FirstMark Capital, a venture capital firm managing more than $2 billion in capital commitments. For more information on TraceLink and our solutions, visit

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