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TraceLink Protects Industry from Unisone Patent, IDs Prior Art to USPTO

November 12, 2013

TraceLink Inc., the leader in global pharmaceutical track and trace and supply network towers, announced today that it is vigorously defending the pharmaceutical industry and software technology providers from patent 6996538 owned by Unisone Strategic IP, Inc., a financial stakeholder in Frequentz, LLC.

On July 25, 2013, Unisone filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California alleging TraceLink is in violation of a patent held by Unisone concerning inventory control. This was the second lawsuit filed in 2013 by Unisone (see Unisone Strategic IP, Inc. v. Life Technologies Corporation et al) regarding a 2006 patent Unisone was granted on inventory control systems. In TraceLink’s view, we have demonstrated that the Unisone lawsuit based on this patent has no merit and we are confident this view will be upheld in court.

More importantly, TraceLink has compiled documentation supporting our belief that Unisone’s 2006 patent was incorrectly granted based on the extensive prior art which existed on inventory control systems prior to Unisone’s patent filing. In order to protect the industry from any further financial or legal risk, TraceLink has filed an extensive 665 page patent reexamination petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Interested parties who would like to review the reexamination petition and supporting prior art may contact TraceLink for a copy of the documentation.

INDUSTRY CALL TO ACTION: TraceLink invites other industry participants and software technology providers to review our petition and submit additional prior art to the USPTO to defend yourselves against potential future litigation from this inappropriate patent.

“TraceLink has worked tirelessly to develop unique, innovative software solutions that help the pharmaceutical industry protect patient safety and improve global access to safe medicines,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “The TraceLink Life Science Cloud platform clearly does not infringe on the claims of the patent. Furthermore, it is clear to us that significant prior art existed before the date of the Unisone patent date.”

TraceLink has researched and documented extensive prior art on e-commerce marketplace, supply chain fulfillment and enterprise resource planning systems that were commercially available in the marketplace prior to the Unisone filing. This analysis demonstrates that the Unisone patent was granted on questionable grounds.

One existence proof predating the Unisone filing is the Pandesic 3.0 system released in 1999. Pandesic was a pre-integrated e-commerce solution built on SAP R/3 ERP, Microsoft SQL Server and Intel technologies that enabled companies to manage the complete e-business lifecycle from web storefront to customer ordering, inventory management, third-party fulfillment, shipping and billing.

A close examination of the capabilities of Pandesic against those of the Unisone patent highlights the obvious nature of the Unisone claims. Pandesic provided:

  • A computer system based on standard Intel hardware
  • A database system based on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Customer inventory information provided by SAP R/3 Materials Management and Inventory Management
  • Inventory information from multiple manufacturers, suppliers and distributors provided by SAP R/3 Materials Management and Inventory Management
  • Inventory stock movement tracking for customers and suppliers provided by SAP R/3 Warehouse Management
  • Inventory restocking parameter configuration provided by SAP R/3 Materials Management
  • Reorder point planning configuration provided by SAP R/3 Materials Management
  • Automatic reorder triggering and replenishment order routing across multiple manufacturers, suppliers and distributors provided by SAP R/3 Materials Management
  • Web-based interface for customer monitoring of inventory balances, inventory cost information and order tracking provided by pre-configured Pandesic components

It is clear that the Unisone lawsuit and underlying patent are just the latest examples of the ‘patent trolling’ trend threatening the industry. This is a key reason why TraceLink provides patent and copyright indemnification to our customers. Any interested parties who wish to know more about the Unisone lawsuit or discuss the prior art case developed by TraceLink, please contact us.

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