Inventory Monitoring

Continuous, shared visibility into material and finished goods inventory across supply partner relationships.

No More Rekeying from Fax, Phone or Email

  • Ensure precise, up-to-date inventory balance reconciliation between customer and supply partner
  • Enhance production and demand planning with the availability of accurate inventory information across all supply partners
  • Improve data quality by eliminating data entry

Reduce Safety Stock, Improve Cash Flow and Meet Customer Demand

  • View timely and accurate inventory levels for multiple product types (API, Raw Material, Component Materials, Finished Goods)
  • Track inventory at each classification (On-Hand, On-Hold, In Quality Inspection, On-Order)
  • Monitor inventory at the Item or Lot level
  • Review current inventory levels or analyze historical time series inventory data

Optimize Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Control

  • Accurately track materials consumed and current material inventory levels throughout production
  • Capture production yields based on material inputs
  • Minimize uncertainty of inventory levels on a per-product, per-facility, per-partner or cross-network basis

Improve Supply Planning, Minimize Waste and Loss of Revenue

  • View current and historical lot balances for all products
  • Track expiration dates and optimize shelf life

Improve Performance of Supply Chain Partnerships

  • Automatically capture key performance indicators on inventory levels within a specific partner and across your supply network
  • Improve coordination with contract partners and identify opportunities for production planning optimization
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