Collaborative team workspaces improve communication and performance for multi-enterprise supply chain processes.

Instantly Establish Secure, Collaborative Workspaces with All Your Partners

  • Invite team members from multiple organizations to participate in shared business processes
  • Ensure important functional areas have access to precise and timely information
  • Securely share workspaces across organizational boundaries
  • Manage team member participation and access to workspaces as needed

Add and Interlink Business Processes with No IT Investments

  • Efficiently connect your virtual team into a collaborative workspace
  • Link business users to real-time data
  • Create a shared execution environment across the production lifecycle
  • View interdependencies between processes

Easily Maintain Consistent Visibility Across All Team Members

  • Discuss key issues with virtual team members
  • Share documents of virtually any type with your team (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Graphics, etc.)
  • Link notes and documents to specific business process steps for future review and historical auditing
  • Capture and coordinate conversational threads among team members
  • Search across all notes, documents and document types

Real-Time Supply Chain Metrics Across All Relationships

  • View real-time performance data across all supply relationships and across all production projects within a single relationship
  • Track overall production status across all supply partners, operational facilities and business processes
  • Focus quickly on current production projects and status across the manufacturing lifecycle for a single supply relationship
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with business partners to improve manufacturing and supply chain performance

Quickly Find Information Across Processes, Transactions, Documents

  • Immediately find needed information through free text search
  • Search for production projects, purchase orders, business partners, products and other ad-hoc information
  • Search within attached notes and documents to find status information and detailed data as required
  • Use integrated links to navigate directly to the business process area or document of interest
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