Production Tracking

Continuous, shared visibility into production status across the manufacturing lifecycle.

Ensure Current, Accurate Data - No More Rekeying from Fax, Phone or Email

  • Ensure detailed visibility into production operations across all supply partners and current production projects
  • Track production status from PO confirmation to finished goods receipt
  • Quickly identify and proactively manage production exceptions

Ensure On-Time Delivery, Quality Levels and Demand Fulfillment

  • Ensure shared virtual team visibility to current production status and planned production milestones
  • Quickly identify potential production issues before they affect on-time delivery
  • Review historical production events to determine root causes for delays and unplanned issues
  • Audit activity logs and process communications

Optimize Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Control

  • Monitor materials used throughout the production process
  • Report on current and cumulative production output
  • Identify potential waste and opportunities to improve production efficiency

Reduce Production Cycle Times by Minimizing Delays Across the Lifecycle

  • Ensure planned and actual production milestone visibility for key personnel at each phase of production
  • Quickly highlight potential production issues and ensure immediate notification for team members
  • Provide detailed production plans and background information on production activities through attached notes

Improve Supply Chain Partnerships and Virtual Team Performance

  • Monitor, track and share key performance indicators on outsourced production
  • Improve alignment with joint access to precise and timely results
  • Enhance production planning by quickly focusing in on the most impactful areas for optimizing
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