Serial Number Exchange

Securely exchange serial numbers and monitor serialization events with packaging line systems internally and at global CMO/CPO partner sites.

Request and Respond to Serial Number Requests from Sites and Partners

  • Respond to serial number requests from line management systems
  • Convey serial number requests to serial number management systems
  • Capture and monitor serialization events across global supply relationships
  • Track disposition of serial numbers across commissioning and aggregation activities

Administer and Configure Serial Number Exchange Connections

  • Create unique serialization profiles for individual companies and locations
  • Assign packaging codes based on Serial Number Manager templates or product master data
  • View configured profiles based on packaging code, packaging code type, status and more
  • View detailed event messages to monitor network activities and diagnose issues

Centrally View and Report on Serial Number Allocations

  • View detailed data on packaging codes, provisioned / commissioned serial numbers, % available, etc.
  • Filter based on company, location, packaging codes and more
  • View exceptions on serial number requests, commissioning activities and other events
  • Export reports to CSV
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