01 - Aggregation

A Day in the Life.

What will it mean to enable aggregation and support it on a daily basis, in packaging and materials handling scenarios all the way through shipment and beyond?

Learn how to make informed decisions about the changes that aggregation would require at the packaging line level and during post-packaging processing.

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02 - Burlington Drug

Burlington Drug Company Selects TraceLink

Burlington's Grant Steffens talks about the impact that DSCSA has had on the regional wholesaler, and how working with paper compliance documents can lead to errors and the need to quarantine product.

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03 - AWS Part 1

Massive Data Volume.
Unlimited Resources.

The Life Sciences Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services to meet the massive data requirements of the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Hear TraceLink's Peter Spellman (CTO) and John Kordash (CIO / VP of Cloud) discuss why AWS is a perfect match for pharmaceutical suppliers of any size.

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Serialization and Legacy Systems

What to Expect

TraceLink CTO, Peter Spellman, explains what companies can expect if they tackle serialization with systems that weren't designed for it from the onset.

DSCSA Update

Inspections Have Begun

Did you know that a specialty pharmacy and wholesale distribution company has been inspected for DSCSA compliance by the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy?


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