01 - AWS Part 1

Massive Data Volume.
Unlimited Resources.

The Life Sciences Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services to meet the massive data requirements of the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Hear TraceLink's Peter Spellman (CTO) and John Kordash (CIO / VP of Cloud) discuss why AWS is a perfect match for pharmaceutical suppliers of any size.

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02 - Brazil Compliance

Brazil Compliance.
Are You Ready?

Brazil has the most complex track and trace regulations in the world today.

Hear TraceLink executives review best practices for approaching Brazil as part of your larger global serialization plan.

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03 - Protecting Patients

Protecting Patients.

Billions of medicines move through the pharmaceutical supply chain each year.

With counterfeiting on the rise, TraceLink customers rely on the world's largest track and trace network to deliver safer medicines to patients everywhere.

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TraceLink Leads DSCSA and Serialization Compliance Discussion at Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum

March 25, 2015

DSCSA for Pharmacies

What You Need to Know

Review your requirements under the law and how to prepare for the July 1, 2015 deadline.


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