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Achieve EU FMD Compliance with TraceLink

The European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD) was enacted to protect EU citizens from counterfeit or otherwise dangerous medicines. Among other things, the law mandates that all new medicine packs include two safety features: an anti-tampering device and a unique identifier, a 2D-data matrix or barcode, that can be scanned to verify the medicine’s authenticity. EU FMD went into effect on February 9, 2019, but many hospital and retail pharmacies are still struggling to achieve compliance.

TraceLink has a proven record of delivering serialization solutions across the EU via our world-leading, cloud-based platform and integrated digital supply network. Our key EU FMD milestones include:

  • Helping more than 350 companies meet February 9, 2019 compliance deadline
  • Processing roughly half a billion documents through the EU hub
  • More than 190 active EU dispensing locations

TraceLink is a global compliance partner that provides EU-based hospital and retail pharmacies with the tools needed to meet FMD’s unique serialization and verification mandates.

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