Anton Kharitonov

Pharma Business Unit Manager & Project Director, CRPT

Anton Kharitonov is the Pharma Business Unit Manager and Project Director at the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT) in Russia, the public/private organization charged by the Russian government with the development, piloting and operation of the government’s pharmaceutical marking, crypto coding, and traceability reporting systems. In his role as the leader of the pharma project, Anton is charged with guiding the design and implementation of the government compliance systems, with the development and publication of the related technical documentation and guidelines used by industry stakeholders, and with implementing market education programs for these stakeholders. Across his 20+ years of business, enterprise and project management experience, Anton previously worked with such leading organizations as Microsoft, 3Com, and the National Research University. Anton holds a Master of Science degree from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT).

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