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Sebastien Poncet

Vice President of Sales, EMEA

Sebastien Poncet has a long experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He started his career at Solvay (ex Rhodia), in the business development area with an organic chemist degree. Before joining Fareva, a global CDMO, he worked for Clariant, Johnson Matthey and Minkem, always creating bridges between the R&D and its customers, to provide added value solutions.

Sebastien Poncet, as Vice-President of sales of Fareva, is contributing actively to the serialization team since 2013. He participated to numerous meetings with suppliers of equipment and software, with customers and with the internal teams of Fareva, allowing Fareva to make the appropriate choices and to build a reasonable commercial offer to support this new technology. Once again, the success of this technology, highly linked to system to system data flow management, relies on the ability of business organizations to work together, months before the due date. He will share his experience.

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