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Patricia McLagan

CEO, McLagan International, Inc

Pat’s life and work focus on personal and institutional transformation and learning. She has been a key player in the midst of decades of institutional change. She writes, speaks and consults on leadership, strategy execution, the learning enterprise, and on the successful implementation of major changes, especially changes focused on transcending traditional boundaries across levels and organization silos and other boundaries. She draws extensively on both experience and on the world’s research into what works to achieve sustained results and change in organizations and across supply chains and value networks. Pat’s vision and strategies promote and support participative governance, partnerships across the value stream, high levels of personal accountability, optimization of leader-follower relationships, and creating learning and development cultures. She believes that we are living through a time of transformation of human institutions and the human spirit where everyone has an opportunity and responsibility to significantly influence the future. She talks about, writes about, and helps leaders and institutions act on today’s leadership, citizenship, productivity, and innovation challenges. She also focuses on integrating technology and people in ways that help both the organization and its people to flourish.

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