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Leveraging the TraceLink Platform to Create  a Healthier, Safer World | Shabbir Dahod, TraceLink

Digital Transformation…Building a Patient-Centric Supply Chain for Specialty Therapies 

How Mayo Clinic Is Weaving Digital Into the Overall Fabric  of its Supply Chain Strategy to Advance Patient Care | Joe Dudas, Mayo Clinic

What Are the C-Suite Considerations  in the Digital Age? | FutureLink Advisory Board

Supply Chain “Moments of Truth” - Using Digital Strategy  to Impact the Patient Experience | John Chartier & Danny Kalmar, McKinsey

Network Platforms: The Engines That Will Fuel  Digital Innovation | Simon Ellis, IDC

Understanding DSCSA 2020 & 2023 Requirements | Marsha Millonig

Building Your 2020-2023 DSCSA Compliance Strategy to Yield High-Impact, Enterprise Inventory Visibility with Low-Impact Operational Investment | David Greenberg & Michael Villalobos, TraceLink

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve DSCSA 2020 & 2023 Compliance & Digitalization Benefits within Your Pharmacy | Panel Discussion

Combating Drug Shortages with Serialized  Auto-Replenishment Programs | Joel Anderson & Larry Hall, TraceLink

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BriovaRx | Novant Health System 
Mayo Clinic | Optum RX, Inc.
Optime Care, Inc.
Prime Healthcare Services Inc.
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