Offloading a Heavy DSCSA Workload Keeps One Health Care System Focused on Patient Care

December 20, 2017

A long-established health care system of 25 community-based rehabilitation and long-term acute care hospitals across the U.S. needed an efficient and reliable solution for receiving product and managing documentation, when DSCSA regulations presented unprecedented challenges. Given a pressing deadline to meet federal requirements, the health system recognized that relying on “home-grown spreadsheets” to track all the information properly and on time would not suffice. 

Seeking a safe, efficient, and permanent solution

With more than two dozen hospitals to oversee, the health care system’s director of pharmacy operations noted that “chasing down 25 different ways of handling compliance” was not the best use of her time. Relying on an Excel spreadsheet as an information tracking tool across facilities, she pointed out, would be not only inefficient but risky. “A spreadsheet kept on a drive can get corrupted or erased, or someone might fail to enter a piece of data,” she said. “I couldn’t take that chance.”

So as not to impact clinical productivity and, ultimately, patient outcomes, the pharmacy operations director led the search for “a more commercialized solution” for mastering DSCSA compliance details. She looked at three products. At first glance, she said, each product appeared to have easy-to-use tools, but a deeper examination led her to see that with two of the solutions, “searching and finding information once it was uploaded was not so cut and dry.”

The “pivotal moment” in the director’s decision making process, she noted, was when she recognized that TraceLink’s solution “reported more data, and data that would be sortable, searchable, and more usable down the road.”

Another “big plus for TraceLink,” she said, is that the company’s product “supports automated continuity.” She explained, “DSCSA compliance is new, and we don’t think about it every day, so if we were to change directors, a compliance item could be lost during the transition. With TraceLink, there’s automated continuity of compliance management, even when there’s a change in guard.”

Achieving end-to-end administration

These days, hospitals across the country have to do more with less, “and we are all pushed for staffing time,” the pharmacy operations director said, “so any DSCSA compliance tool that takes a load off additional clerical work solves a huge problem.” 

When the director was considering solutions, she looked for one that was “not so complicated that when you sit down to manage a task, you spend more time figuring out how to use the system than tackling the task.”

According to the director, “The automation TraceLink provides is a huge plus for us; it’s such a time saver.” She said, “With manual uploads, I was concerned that I would hit a mental barrier and let the task sit and risk losing data.”

TraceLink’s Product Track end-to-end administration, which includes the ability for hospitals to upload or scan paper documents and then fully rely on TraceLink to convert the required DSCSA data into digital T3, “eliminates my biggest hurdle with any DSCSA compliance tool,” the director said. “Taking much of the burden of compliance off my plate in this way is huge!”

Peace of mind

For this health care system of so many facilities spread across the country, doing their due diligence to “find a solutions system that is comprehensive, affordable, and provides a level of comfort that the information uploaded is sortable and searchable” is paying off in peace of mind.

“One of my fears was that we’d get into a program, buy the product, and be left hanging without any training materials,” the director said. “But this has not been the case at all with TraceLink. The portal is great, the training materials are very good, and customer support has been really excellent.”

According to the director, “TraceLink’s solution has made my life a whole lot easier. As we move forward with serialization, I feel good that we’ve got the most comprehensive and most solid long-term solution in place already. I am very confident that TraceLink has our back.”

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