3PLs on the TraceLink Network

Seamless and Cost-Effective Data Exchange with Brand Manufacturers

Similar to the level of trade partner complexity for wholesale distributors, 3PLs have some of the largest trade partner ecosystems comprised of brand and contract manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies. The cost of the systems and staff required to establish direct data connections with this range of trade partners cannot be underestimated. And 3PLs that support trade partners in multiple geographies have the added challenge of ensuring that the right product data and country compliance reports get to the right destinations for every one of their customers.

The TraceLink network instantly connects any 3PL to hundreds of pharmaceutical manufacturers, CMOs, and wholesale distributors, and hundreds of thousands of hospitals and pharmacies. The TraceLink network enables company discovery and rapid configuration for data exchange and eliminates the challenges posed by on premise software and single tenant solutions, where hidden integration costs can be astronomical and implementation timelines take far longer than anticipated.

Data Volume and Choreography Challenges Facing 3PLs

The warehouse operations of any 3PL are extremely complex, and most have been fine-tuned and optimized for efficient pick, pack and ship processes. Data exchange requirements for pharmaceutical compliance introduce a significant set of challenges for 3PLs who are considering managing serialization for their customers without impacting the efficiency of their warehouse operation. Successful data exchange requires that 3PLs not only process details about sales transaction and serial numbers, but also provide the full end-state serialization aggregation hierarchy. This dramatically increases the potential volume of individual data messages that must be sent to multiple brand owners, which will be further amplified based on the different country compliance requirements for each of the 3PL’s customers. 

The TraceLink network seamlessly manages and records all of the serialized events that take place as products move in and out of the warehouse, and then facilitates the exchange of that serialization event information with the appropriate brand owners and governments that require documentation. With just one connection to TraceLink, we manage all of your trade partner connections and data routing to the right destinations to ensure there is no disruption to your warehouse operations.

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