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Since its founding as the first Hungarian owned company in marking technology in 2007, Masterprint has become one of the leading and dominant players of the domestic market – in the areas of planning, production, distribution, operation and servicing. 

Masterprint is mainly engaged in the distribution of marking, labeling and traceability technology equipment produced by leading manufacturers, who are able to meet the highest quality of standards at the most advanced technological levels. Additionally, the company maintains a continuous business relationship with all major local and global pharmaceutical companies through its own in-house development projects, product lines offered and serialization solutions.

The reliable and high-quality solutions offered by Masterprint are the result of its on-going cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as the experience accumulated in the field of serialization over the past decade. Masterprint offers innovative solutions to all challenges within the pharmaceutical serialization industry through its team of dedicated and experienced engineers.

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