United States Healthcare Compliance

The next wave of Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements go into effect in November 2020—and hospital and retail pharmacies are striving to achieve compliance with the law’s new serialization and verification mandates before the deadline. But DSCSA regulations don’t stop there. US hospital and retail pharmacies are also required to achieve full supply chain digitalization in 2023.

TraceLink enables pharmacies to achieve DSCSA compliance while embracing a value-based mindset and streamlining business operations. By partnering with TraceLink, hospital and retail pharmacies can expect to increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and enhance the bottom line.

Some of the benefits of TraceLink solutions include:

  • Compliance
    Meet all DSCSA serialization and verification requirements, from lot-level traceability to full supply chain digitalization.

  • Improve patient safety
    TraceLink helps pharmacies protect patients by digitalizing and speeding up the product recall processes and ensuring timely access to medicines.

  • Streamline operations and eliminate waste
    Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs with end-to-end inventory visibility and 2D barcode scanning.

  • Lot and item level tracking
    Manage transaction histories, information, and statements for both serialized and non-serialized items.

  • Onboard trade partners fast
    TraceLink’s robust network of more than 275,000 trade partners eliminates the need for costly point-to-point integrations.

Achieve compliance and streamline operations with TraceLink’s healthcare solution, including:

Product Track
Electronically connect to and exchange data with direct trade partners, consolidate multiple sources of compliance data, and ensure enterprise connectivity with all suppliers.

Serialized Repository
This EPCIS repository enables pharmacies to manage events associated with serialization data, store information connected to every drug received, establish a digitalization platform, and enable analytics.

Product Information Manager
Receive real-time product master data updates, instantly receive authentication responses, and ensure recalled products can be quickly identified for removal from inventory.

Mobile Scanning
Capture product receipt and all serialized data and populate a serialized data repository. TraceLink’s mobile scanning integrates fully with other TraceLink applications and existing scanning solutions.

Analytics and Reporting
Report on stored data, reduce costs through improved inventory analysis, and provide end-to-end visibility to the entire enterprise.

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