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Digital Supply Chain

Network Applications

Access the TraceLink network to exchange data and information in real-time data with direct and indirect supply chain partners. Reach businesses with whom you may not transact directly but have a need to share information. Easily manage all of the information you own and control, and route it to partners based on the data rules, permissions and business context you establish.


  • Flexible data routing to designated end points. Users establish rules, permissions and specific business context to ensure that the right information reaches the right recipient at the right time.

  • Comprehensive partner identification. Customers can establish links to their direct trade partners as well as with those who may indirectly purchase, sell, dispense or use their products – all for the purpose of being able to share information with them. The TraceLink Network Services team confirms and verifies the identity of all engaged participants.

  • Standards-based information exchange. Easily submit or subscribe to receive data via standards-based integration interfaces or manual upload/download using GS1 EPCIS master data vocabulary and a global data synchronisation network.


Product Information Manager
Exchange real-time data with direct and indirect supply chain partners with support for a wide range of use cases including master data exchange, saleable returns verification, suspect product verification, recalls and patient engagement.

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