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Global Track and Trace

Parallel Importing

Manage a complex set of requirements that cover use cases similar to those of a manufacturer and wholesale distributor. Generate new serial numbers and allocate them to line management systems for packaging. Scan and verify serial numbers against a local repository as well as the National Medicine Verification Systems when required.


  • Serialise product. Create and manage serial number pools that can be applied to imported product.

  • Line Management System integration. Eliminate integration risk by using commercialised, pre-built integrations with all leading line management systems.

  • Operationalised processes. Pre-built business logic and configurations developed specifically for the unique processes of parallel importers.

  • Manage serialisation at the edge. Purpose-built mobile solution to drive serialisation-enabled receiving, pick, pack and ship processes.


Serial Number Manager
Serial Number Manager provides serial number generation including randomisation and sequential algorithms for different packaging levels. Serial number inventories are maintained by setting configurable parameters on when to generate more serial numbers. Configuration parameters are defined through serial number templates that are associated with each product.

Serial Number Exchange
Serial Number Exchange manages the allocation of serial numbers from Serial Number Manager to the line management systems. Business logic works to verify serial number requests, commissioning and aggregation information. Includes out of the box integrations with leading line management systems simplifying site onboarding and reducing risk.

Serialised Operations Manager
Serialised Operations Manager (SOM) provides an EPCIS repository to manage serialisation and related event data. Integrating with your WMS and ERP systems, Serialised Operations Manager ensures that the serialised inventory remains in sync with the physical inventory and that the right serialisation information is captured from and transmitted to partners. All of this is accomplished at operational speeds so that business efficiencies are not impacted.

Edge Track
Edge Track provides serialisation capabilities at the edge. Rather than modifying an already heavily customised WMS or ERP, Edge Track integrates to your operational systems and provides the serialisation software for handheld scanners and mobile devices. Edge Track ensures that your WMS, ERP and the Serialised Operations Manager are all operating in sync.

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