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Supplier Management

External Manufacturing and Distribution

Network platform providing multi-enterprise visibility into external manufacturing and distribution processes. Enable real-time exchange of supply chain transaction data between enterprises minimising data entry errors and eliminating data entry costs. Secure, collaborative workspaces provide permission-based access to information into inventory positions, production status, shipment and receipt processes to better manage your supply chain and react to supply chain disruptions. Drive standardisation and provide shared visibility into key performance indicators and trends.

Managing external manufacturing and distribution partners requires:

  • System to system data exchange. Managing external manufacturing and distribution networks requires that transactional information be easily exchanged from one system to another without complex point-to-point integrations.
  • Real-time visibility across processes. Improving supply chain performance and product release delays requires visibility and immediate communication of issues to stakeholders. Linking manufacturing, quality and distribution processes provides a complete view of an order.
  • Contract partner key performance indicators. Continuous improvement comes from constant monitoring of key metrics that illustrate business and process health. Enable process improvement by managing external contract partners' key performance indicators related to inventory, purchase order cycle time, order accuracy and delivery shared between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and partner.
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