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Supplier Management

Quality Management

Gain real-time visibility into quality and supplier management processes between a pharmaceutical manufacturer, their direct and indirect suppliers, and contract partners through shared, collaborative workspaces. Track progress on quality document reviews and approvals. Manage supplier issues and complaints through to resolution and monitor rollout of change control procedures. Maintain all information in a single repository secured with permissioned-based access.

The requirements of managing quality processes with your contract partners and suppliers are listed below.

  • Secure, collaborative workspace. Improving quality across suppliers requires better collaboration and shared visibility. Access to that workspace should be controlled and only allow those with the appropriate permissions to access the data.

  • Issue and change management tracking. Supplier management requires functionality to submit, investigate, resolve and ultimately close item issues and track the process changes that result from those issues. Alerting key stakeholders regarding when issues are resolved or critical information is needed minimises delays.

  • Quality process key performance indicators. Performance improvement requires that both the supplier and pharmaceutical company are focused on the right quality processes. Key performance indicators include Right First Time (RFT) and Batch Record Cycle Time as well as trend analysis.
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