Life Sciences Cloud

The world’s largest pharmaceutical track and trace network.
One connection. Complete global supply chain connectivity.

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is the network platform that pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, repackagers and pharmacies trust to deliver safe medicines to patients everywhere. A single point and click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud allows any pharmaceutical supplier – from the largest drug manufacturer to the smallest pharmacy – to gain complete global connectivity with all of their supply chain trading partners.


How the Life Sciences Cloud Works

Built on the Amazon Web Services global cloud infrastructure as a native cloud based application, the Life Science Cloud uses on-demand computing resources and database architectures specifically designed to handle massive sets of track and trace data and network connections in ways that traditional, on-premise systems and relational databases cannot. Companies that subscribe to the Life Sciences Cloud network have access to a broad set of tools and applications that protect product integrity, ensure global track and trace compliance, improve external supply performance and cut operating costs.

  • Gain real-time visibility across your entire supply network – creating direct internal ERP integration to all business partners’ enterprise systems for virtual team collaboration on supply planning and execution;
  • Enable oversight and collaboration across external quality review processes – by electronically capturing and aggregating CAPA, LIMS and process quality data in a common format from all external supply partners and non-integrated internal production sites;
  • Create team-based, cross-functional collaboration across supply relationships – to share information, conduct analysis and make decisions on supply planning, production execution and channel distribution;
  • Ensure precise, up-to-date inventory balance reconciliation with all external supply partners – to enable integrated access to customer and channel demand information and improve visibility into current production status across all production sites;
  • Utilize global track and trace tools – to minimize the risk, cost and time in meeting global serialization, government reporting and other compliance regulations for you and your network.; and,
  • Open a bi-directional communication channel with patients and pharmacists – to enable mobile verification of product identity, improve access to regimen adherence and product information, and capture data on global authentication activity.
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Life Sciences Cloud:
At a Glance

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is an innovative native cloud architecture with a network-tenant platform. It delivers the scalability, performance, and business-to-business connectivity that no other provider can match – and we've got the stats to prove it:



supply chain members connected

85.3 million
transaction documents processed

 1.4 billion
products protected

2.37 billion
serialized events executed

 $155 billion
annual revenue protected  


Global Life Sciences: An Industry in Transition

The pharmaceutical industry is nearly $1 Trillion in annual sales, with drug counterfeiting currently estimated between $75 Billion and $200 Billion annually.    

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Every year, tens of billions of prescription medicines pass through the pharmaceutical supply chain. During the journey, each medication touches many different suppliers – including raw materials providers, manufacturers, distributors, repackagers, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics – and even individual doctors – all located across multiple countries and continents.

Drug counterfeiters are taking advantage of the vulnerabilities created by these touch points, and have introduced millions of illegitimate products into the global marketplace. The cost has been damaging and extensive –hundreds of thousands of lost lives, and hundreds of billions in lost revenue from more than 100 countries. 

To combat this global problem, nations around the world have begun to pass legislation requiring all pharmaceutical suppliers to comply with specific track and trace regulations. The new laws will ensure that legitimate medicines travel through the supply chain and reach patients as the manufacturers intended, and that counterfeit drugs are easy to identify and quarantine. 

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is the only open network platform serving the entire pharmaceutical industry, making it easy for drug manufacturers, wholesalers, repackagers and dispensers to work together and deliver safe medicines to patients everywhere.

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