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FutureLink brings industry leaders together for two full days of insightful, highly interactive discussions. Noted visionaries from across life sciences and healthcare will join TraceLink experts for two distinct conference tracks - Global Serialization and Compliance, and Digital Drug Supply, Networks and Value - and guide the conversations to stimulate thinking on a broad range of critical topics.

Exclusively for TraceLink customers: Instructor-led training on the TraceLink onboarding process and master data management. Download Training Session Overview.

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June 5: Welcome Reception

19:00 - 21:00 Cocktails & Conversation
Sheraton Hotel Arabellapark | Conference Foyer & Terrace
Join your peers for a casual evening of quality networking and local cuisine. 
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June 6: Day 1

7:30 Breakfast
8:45 Opening Keynote Address
(Shabbir Dahod, TraceLink)
9:15 Industry Keynote: The Future of Digital Health
(David Rowan, WIRED Magazine)
10:00 Networking Break
Global Serialization and Compliance Digital Drug Supply, Networks and Value TraceLink University
10:30 National Medications Verification Organization: Working with NMVOs and National Systems
(Mitja Pirman, Medicines Verification Institute Slovenia and Nicolas Florin, Swiss Medicines Verification Organization)
Industry View: How Data is Transforming Pharma
(Justus Wolff, Syte - Strategy for Digital Health)
No Morning Sessions
11:15 Pharma Supply Network Serialization and Traceability Integration and Interoperability: Challenges and Success Factors
(Pasi Kemppainen, Santen)
Using Analytics from Serialization Data for Inventory Management (Binu Jacob, TraceLink)
12:00 Lunch
13:15 Readiness of your Master Data and Optimizing your Enterprise Serialisation Management System
(Renata Dobersztyn, Adamed)
Industry View: Engaging with Patients
(Dr. Andreas Keck, Syte Institute)
TraceLink Partner Onboarding
Download Training Session Overview
13:45 Transforming Adverse Event Reporting and Patient Safety with Serialised Medicine
(Andrew Rut, MyMeds&Me)
14:00 Final Countdown-Focus Areas for a CDMO before February 2019 (Staffan Widengren, Recipharm)
14:15 Driving Engagement with Patients
(Graham SmithPaul Cianciolo, TraceLink)
14:45  Partner Showcase and Reception
16:00 Right-Sizing your Serialisation Investment: Partner Readiness from a CMO Perspective
(Sebastien Poncet, Fareva)
Industry View: Trends in Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence
(Dr. Elgar Fleisch)
TraceLink Onboarding: Lessons Learned
Download Training Session Overview
16:45 Embedding Serialization into "Business as Usual"
(Carlos Ruiz, Almirall)
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the TraceLink Network
(Rob Morgan, TraceLink)
17:15 The Virtual Broker: Negotiating Win-Wins with Track & Trace Partners
(Adrian Abad Fustero, Medis)
17:45  Session End Day 1 - Free Time
19:00 - 22:00 Special Event - BMW Museum

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June 7: Day 2

7:15 Breakfast
Global Serialization and Compliance Digital Drug Supply, Networks and Value TraceLink University
8:30 The State of 2019 Readiness: Working with EMVO and Learnings from the Industry
(Johan Verhaeghe, Medicines for Europe)
Industry Panel: Recall Challenges and Opportunities
(Martin Fitzgerald, GIRP and Luca Pezzano, IBI-Lorenzini)
No Morning Sessions
9:15 How to Manage a Successful Track & Trace Implementation Initiative: URS Identification to Program Execution
(Davide Smaldone, Menarini)
9:30 Proactive Recall Management and Patient Notifications
(Graham Smith, TraceLink)
10:00 Networking Break
10:30 Sharing Serialization Experiences and Opportunities from an MAH and CMO Perspective 
(Luca Pezzano, IBI-Lorenzini)
Workshop: Optimizing Your Operation for More Effective Recalls No Morning Sessions
11:00 The Serialization Milestones of a Contract Packaging Organization (Boris Brunow, Allpack)
11:30 EU FMD from the Wholesale Distribution Perspective
(Martin FitzGerald, GIRP)
The TraceLink Network and the Internet of "Supply Chain" Things (Joel Anderson, TraceLink)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Interactive Roundtable Discussion (topics to be announced) Supply Chain Collaboration: Supplier Management, Quality, Outsourced Manufacturing (Dan Walles, TraceLink) Master Data Management for EU FMD
Download Training Session Overview
13:45 Workshop: Prioritizing Supply Collaboration Initiatives
14:00 Anti-Tampering Device: After-Thought Putting a Spanner to our Project Management
(Zehra Okaygun)
14:45 Networking Break
15:00 Global Compliance Update: From US and Russia to China and Beyond 
(Brian Daleiden, TraceLink)
Build Your Apps on the TraceLink Platform
(Bob Sturim, TraceLink)
Master Data Management for EU FMD
15:30 Audience Feedback Session  
16:00 Closing Reception
16:30 FutureLink Concludes
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