Automated Validation

TraceLink’s Automated Validation Manager application provides a validation package for the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud with a specific focus on serialization and compliance. The application updates — on a monthly basis — the validation documents including a fully executed Performance Qualification (PQ). Other documents included in the package are a Functional Risk Assessment, Validation Plan, User Requirements Specification, Traceability Matrix, and Certificate of Release.

As TraceLink provides new releases of its software, Automated Validation Manager is updated and the full PQ is executed against TraceLink’s ITEST environment. The results of those tests are packaged along with other validation documents and made available to our Automated Validation Manager clients. TraceLink’s Automated Validation Manager application gives you the confidence to know that all current TraceLink software capabilities are performing as intended.

With Automated Validation Manager you can:

  • Ensure your installation of the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud remains up to date and validated
  • Automate the validation life cycle of the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud
  • Eliminate costly and labor-intensive paper-based validation procedures
  • Easily access the most current validation documents as well as validation documents associated with previous releases
  • Redirect validation resources to perform validation of complex or custom use cases and exception cases
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