Edge Track

TraceLink’s Edge Track application provides seamless integration of serialization and fulfillment operations in the warehouse. With a single scan, warehouse operators verify the inventory data expected by their Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP, as well as the serialization data expected by TraceLink’s Serialized Operations Management application. By meeting business and compliance requirements in a single scan, Edge Track improves efficiencies in the warehouse.

Some warehouse serialization approaches require costly customizations to WMS and ERP systems, but Edge Track owners are able to insulate their existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and ERP systems from serialization data management. Implementation teams configure Edge Track to implement the unique operations required by your business. For each operation, Edge Track sends data to your WMS or ERP — confirmation of products received, returned, picked, and shipped, for example.

With Edge Track you can:

  • Confirm received product and verify serial number states
  • Pick and pack against a pick list and print SSCC tags for parent containers
  • Receive delivery orders from WMS or ERP and verify correct product, lot, and quantity are packed
  • Manage rework associated with sampling, verification, and management of damaged product
  • Update your WMS, ERP, and TraceLink serialization repository with warehouse events
  • Print and verify labels for new labeling or re-labeling activities
  • Support returns and destruction processes for serialized product
  • Enable inventory management functions for transfers and cycle counting
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