End-to-End Administration

End-to-End Administration is a TraceLink service designed to minimize the resource investment required to manage a compliance solution. Every Product Track subscription includes end-to-end administration services, providing a team of TraceLink compliance experts to manage all DSCSA compliance tasks.


  • Add and maintain any missing product master data. For drug products that are purchased by a pharmacy.

  • Add, remove, and maintain any partners. Includes partners with whom an organization works to purchase drug products.

  • Add or remove company locations. This covers all dispensing locations within the same operation.

  • Add or remove new users, or change user access permissions. Applies as staffing needs evolve and new users need to use Product Track software.

  • Actively maintain and monitor exceptions. Due to receiving purchase orders or ASNs with missing information required by DSCSA.

  • Reprocess any necessary transactions. Do this after researching exceptions and validating that Product Track information is accurate and compliant.

  • Utilize TraceLink's unique network-sourced NDC database. Continuously update new NDCs that are discovered across the TraceLink network.

  • Manually enter required DSCSA data to create digital T3 from user-scanned or uploaded paper documents. Append the originally scanned PO to ensure a fully compliant, all-digital database of T3s.

  • Actively monitor data quality and provide full customer support during inquiries. For inquiries initiated by regulatory authorities to ensure that customers can supply required compliance information within two business days.
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