Master Data Exchange

TraceLink’s Master Data Exchange application provides a repository to manage the master data required for serialization, track and trace, and compliance requirements. Although many companies have invested in master data management systems, these systems typically do not contain all of the master data elements requirements for compliance. They are also not easily accessible to third party applications.

To address this need, TraceLink has developed and integrated its Master Data Exchange application into its platform to consume master data from the system of record and append additional master data required by individual countries as part of their compliance requirements.

With Master Data Exchange you can:

  • Maintain master data for company and locations, trade partners, and products
  • Consolidate master data required for serialization, track and trace, and compliance into a single repository
  • Enrich transactions with master data so that master data does not need to be included in every transaction
  • Trigger business logic and workflow based on data captured in master data, such as product target market
  • Integrate to the master data system of record to ensure data is continuously kept up to date
  • Manually populate master data through CSV or XML files and user interface data entry
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