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Product Information Manager

TraceLink’s Product Information Manager provides a global network application for enabling permissioned sharing and consumption of serialized medicine information, interactive digital content, product disposition status, and other critical product data to direct business partners, indirect trading partners, and patients.

By utilizing a set of fine-grain information sharing controls, the information owner — which could be a pharmaceutical company, wholesale distributor, 3PL/repackager, pharmacy, hospital, or patient — sets permissions and guidelines for how other partners or consumers on the TraceLink Network can verify medicines and receive product information based on product type, product geography, and other attributes.

With Product Information Manager you can:

  • Quickly and easily share or consume product master data with or from hundreds or thousands of direct and indirect trading partners, including contract manufacturers (upstream) and wholesale distributors, dispensers, and patients (downstream)
  • Securely enable downstream trading partners, both direct and indirect, with the ability to query the verification status of owned medicines for compliance and value-based business processes
  • As a product consumer, gain access to scalable verification tools to gain insight into product disposition and information attributes
  • Securely share medicine disposition status and unique product information (digital content in the form of product descriptions, administration instructions, photos, education videos, and more) with patients at the point of medicine consumption
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