Serial Number Exchange

TraceLink’s Serial Number Exchange provides functionality governing the allocation of serial numbers to packaging lines and contract partners. Serial Number Exchange manages the request of serial numbers from line management systems and provides the response as well as the processing of commissioning and aggregation information. Serial Number Exchange includes configurable business logic that controls from what products and locations serial numbers can be requested. Serial Number Exchange also includes business logic that verifies commission and aggregation information received from the packaging line to detect abnormalities and errors.

Serial Number Exchange integrates to the line management system. TraceLink has developed several out of the box integrations with global and regional line management system providers from the United States, Europe, India, and China.

With Serial Number Exchange you can:

  • Request, commission, aggregate, disaggregate, and repackage serial numbers
  • Verify serial numbers to ensure they are commissioned to the correct product and allocated to the site performing the commissioning
  • Create production orders
  • Report an end of batch
  • Transfer serial numbers between sites
  • Update serial number status when destroying, decommissioning, or deactivating serial numbers
  • Encode serial numbers in order to transfer them to third-party printers
  • Manage exceptions by site
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