Smart Rx Manager

* If you're looking for more information on secure EU FMD pharmacy compliance, visit our European Union Smart Rx Manager page.

TraceLink’s Smart Rx Manager provides hospitals and pharmacies with comprehensive tablet and smartphone-based applications to interact with serialized medicines for regulatory compliance and value-based business benefit. As serialized product volumes continue to rapidly increase across the globe, the ability of pharmacists and dispensing doctors to verify the authenticity of unique medicines, gain real-time access to product master data and notifications, and engage with interactive medicine content within their existing dispensing process becomes possible for the first time.

By using Smart Rx Manager in conjunction with TraceLink’s Product Information Manager, pharmacies and hospitals can opt into value-based information streams shared directly by participating pharmaceutical companies through the TraceLink Network.

With Smart Rx Manager, you can:

  • Connect to National Medicines Verification Systems throughout the European Union in order to verify and decommission medicines in accordance with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)
  • Receive digital product information (product master data) and content (product images, educational videos, administration instructions, contraindications, etc.) that help pharmacists and patients understand more about the medicines that they dispense and consume
  • Scan serialized medicines throughout product inventory to verify product disposition and better manage product exceptions (product expiry, recall notifications, product alerts, etc.) that have been issued by the pharmaceutical manufacturer out to the TraceLink Network
  • Verify products and create medicine aggregations that can later be decommissioned or dispensed to patients who are taking multiple medications
  • Use Smart Rx Manager to connect to TraceLink’s medicine verification app, TraceLink MyMeds, in order to create a digital communication channel based on serialized medicines
  • Communicate any adverse events experienced by patients back to the pharmaceutical manufacturer
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