Serialized Operations Manager

TraceLink’s Serialized Operations Manager (SOM) application provides an EPCIS repository to manage events associated with serialization data. In addition, Serialized Operations Manager enables supply chain and distribution processes so that serialization does not need to be embedded into ERP and WMS systems. By layering serialization over the top of these processes, Serialization Operations Manager can scale as required to meet the processing and storage demands required by serialization.

Serialized Operations Manager also provides pre-built business logic and workflow designed to monitor transaction flow and events in order to trigger actions in other applications such as Product Track or European Union Compliance. For example, when a shipment event is recorded, Serialized Operations Manager will determine the target market from Master Data Exchange and will generate the required master and event data to send to the appropriate compliance application.

With Serialized Operations Manager you can:

  • Insulate your ERP and WMS from needing knowledge of serialization data
  • Track and manage serialized product post packaging
  • Manage aggregation and disaggregation processes
  • Monitor the current state and history of serialized inventory
  • Execute supply chain transactions such as receipts, transfers, and shipments of serialized product
  • Execute business logic based on EPCIS event data and master data
  • Integrate an edge device layer to enable serialization on the warehouse floor
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