TraceLink MyMeds

TraceLink MyMeds application provides pharmaceutical companies, patients, pharmacists, and other caregivers the opportunity to securely opt in to a digital information sharing experience, all tailored around serialized medicines.

Through the use of Product Information Manager, pharmaceutical companies can distribute real-time product information, content, and medicine status to patients who can verify serialized medicines on their mobile devices (iOS and Android). By establishing this digital communication channel on top of the TraceLink Network, pharmaceutical companies can better ensure that patients, clinicians, and caregivers are properly informed and educated about their serialized medicines.

With TraceLink MyMeds you can:

  • Ensure the right medicine is being consumed through real-time medicine verification
  • Pre-fill product information (product name, strength, dosage, and description) into medicine reminders for patients to easily set reminders and increase adherence to prescribed regimens
  • Communicate real-time notifications about critical medicine updates, including expiry notices, recall alerts, and suspect product messages
  • Communicate approved rich media content (product descriptions, photos, educational videos, etc.) about medicines and strengthen the confidence and affinity for your medicine with the patient
  • Provide a mobile channel for patients to opt into and securely communicate product feedback, including adverse events notifications
  • Through anonymous verification information, better understand product velocity and understand when serialized medicines have been consumed
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