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Agile Issue Management

Your Supply Chain Disruption Response System

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“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”  
Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of Staff of the Prussian Army, 1857–1888

Identify and Collaboratively Resolve Supply Chain Issues and Disruptions Quickly

On any given day, you face hundreds of potential points of failure in your supply chain. Now, in this time of global crisis, you’re facing new and unexpected disruptions at an unprecedented pace and scale. Your playbook has been scrapped, and you need to improvise to survive. Are you ready for it? Chances are, the answer is no.

The current pandemic has exposed the underlying frailty of the pharmaceutical supply chain. As disruptions from natural, economic, and geopolitical events have increased in frequency over the past 20 twenty years, there has long been a need for more effective issue resolution. If you don’t have a centralized system that lets you triage supplier issues and enables remote teams to work effectively and with clear accountability, you won’t be ready for the next disruption, either. There is a better way.

TraceLink Agile Issue Management™ (AIM) lets supply chain organizations collaborate with internal stakeholders and external trading partners to track and resolve supply chain issues and respond to disruptions fast. Built on the TraceLink Digital Supply Network, AIM allows you to quickly establish real-time and verified collaborative relationships with trading partners. AIM can be your global system of record for supplier exceptions, creating a centralized repository of supplier issues that would otherwise be hidden away in disparate purchasing, quality, and supply chain silos.

Agile Issue Management Connects Teams, Suppliers, and Logistics Partners to Manage Issues and Resolve Them Faster

There is no shortage of tracking tools for managing issues within a company or a specific functional area like manufacturing. But supply chain issues often require collaboration among a cross-functional team consisting of supplier and customer experts. AIM enables this type of collaboration by facilitating a standardized process for resolving issues and providing a central repository of issue information.

Resolve Issues Faster. AIM enables you to log issues and assign accountability so you can resolve them quickly. Issues get categorized for prioritization, team assignment, impact, and follow-up. Alerts, notices, and escalation rules are designed to make the right people aware of and responsive to issues. Important messages will not be lost in email threads or hidden in spreadsheets.

Trading Partners Can Resolve Issues Quickly and Permanently. AIM connects your teams with suppliers and logistics partners to manage disruptions in order to resolve them faster. The root cause analysis capabilities provide confidence that underlying process issues aren’t just temporarily addressed but are reduced or even eliminated. Flexible reporting capabilities enable ongoing analysis of root causes to uncover systemic problems and develop comprehensive solutions to prevent issues from reoccurring.

Leaders Can Track All Logged Issues. Leaders can monitor operational issues and process improvements across their organization in a dashboard to demonstrate relevant parties are taking action as the situation evolves.

The TraceLink Network Difference

AIM is an application built for the TraceLink Digital Supply Network. Because more than 280,000 trading partners are on the TraceLink Network, many of your customers, 3PLs, CMOs, and suppliers are already connected. This means these partners are verified and can be onboarded faster. The many suppliers already using AIM don’t need to learn a new software system. They simply activate another manufacturer within AIM and start managing issues. 

Start Building a More Agile Supply Chain Today

Respond to today’s crisis, and tomorrow's next disruption, with a robust system to manage disruptions and resolve them quickly, even while working from disparate locations across multiple organizations. AIM reduces supply chain disruptions, lowers defect rates, and decreases customer complaints. More importantly, you can use AIM to collaborate with trading partners to build a more agile supply chain that will improve the flow of medicines to patients during the next crisis.

Identify and Collaboratively Resolve Supply Chain Issues and Disruptions Quickly
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