Agile Process Teams FAQ

Q: What type of companies use Agile Process Teams?

A: Agile Process Teams can be used by any company in the healthcare supply chain that needs to manage internal supply chain issues and/or issues with trading partners. Examples include raw materials suppliers, contract manufacturing and packaging organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Q: Do I need to be a TraceLink compliance/track and trace customer to use this?

A: No. Agile Process Teams operates independently of TraceLink’s compliance applications.

Q: Do suppliers need to pay to use the system?

A: No. When a TraceLink customer licenses the Agile Process Teams solution, its trading partners do not have to pay any licensing fees.

Q: How many companies are using this software?

A: Nearly 3,000 companies use Agile Process Teams. 

Q: If we want to use Quality Review, do we need to replace our existing quality management system (QMS)?

A: Quality Review does not replace your existing QMS nor that of your partners, but instead it streamlines the communication and collaboration on the review and approval of documents that may be stored in a QMS. Some customers use Agile Process Teams to assess quality issues in collaboration with suppliers and make the determination if an issue is something that should be established as a formal occurrence in the QMS.

Q: Can we buy Issue Tracking, Quality Review, and Change Management a la carte, or are they sold together?

A: They are all sold together as Agile Process Teams.

Q: How is Agile Process Teams priced? 

A: Pricing includes a base fee and scales with the number of users and trading partner sites. Even a very large company can start off with a small initial deployment at a very low entry point.

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