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Agile Process Team

Agile Process Teams offers a faster and more efficient way of resolving a wide variety of issues involving your trading partners.

Consider a materials shortage requiring the need for an alternative supplier. It is likely that 5-10 people from your procurement, quality, finance, planning, and other groups would need to communicate with a similar number of people at a potential new supplier. While you may have internal collaboration tools to resolve issues, phone and email are the default solutions when working with partners. It can quickly become confusing to keep track of up-to-date information and who’s doing what. The problem gets exponentially worse as the number of people involved grows larger.

Agile Process Teams provides an alternative with a secure, digital workspace to share information and collaborate. Team members can work together using a structured process for getting things done, with features like action items, due dates, alerts, workflow, and root cause analysis.

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Solution Briefs

Set up collaborative teams with a secure collaboration workspace

Invite suppliers, customers, and service partners. Assemble all the necessary expertise. Secure communication and access controls maintain confidentiality.  

Provide a structured process

Get things done using a structured process with action items, due dates, alerts, and workflow. Instead of having documents waiting in someone's email inbox for days, review them on schedule. 


Centralize information

A secure repository means that the latest documents, notes, and comments are all in one place, not scattered everywhere.

Continuously monitor the collaboration process

View all your issues and reviews in a dashboard, where you can see the status, feedback, and supplier responses. “Follow” items to receive alerts on critical issues.


Identify root causes of problems

Conduct comprehensive root cause investigations with recommendations for immediate and long-term corrective actions. Address today’s problem and minimize the possibility of it happening again.

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