Delivery Tracking

Visibility into when product will be shipped or will arrive enables pharmaceutical manufacturers and their partners to better plan receiving processes and production runs. In addition to notifying partners, Delivery Tracking enables the pharmaceutical manufacturer to gain insight as to when product was shipped from a CMO or when it was received at the 3PL.

TraceLink’s Delivery Tracking application provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with visibility into when raw materials and APIs arrive at their contract partners and when finished goods are shipped. The application also provides visibility into when product is received at 3PLs and when 3PLs ship product to customers. In addition to visibility, transactional information can be sent from contract partners and 3PLs to properly record inventory and product movement within the ERP system for proper financial reporting.

With Delivery Tracking you can:

  • Automate the shipment confirmation to the contract manufacturer for material replenishment
  • Receive shipment receipt confirmation when material replenishment is received
  • Receive shipment notification when finished goods shipped from the contract manufacturer
  • Receive a receipt confirmation from the 3PL when the product is received
  • Link shipment and receipt information to production and material orders for full supply chain visibility
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