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Network Tenancy

Take advantage of the only digital supply chain architecture for life sciences where all users have the same software instance, and where businesses, devices, and people are able to securely discover one another, collaborate on business processes, and exchange critical data on a permissioned basis.


  • Capabilities that go beyond multi-tenancy. On top of a standard multi-tenant architecture that provides a single instance of software and a common infrastructure that serves multiple customers, TraceLink has architected network-tenant capabilities into the Life Sciences Cloud, which permits discoverability and secure direct collaboration between all tenants.

  • Lower total cost of ownership. Save millions by eliminating the use of customized code and subsequent change order requests when changes are necessary due to unanticipated software updates. Eliminate additional services required to bridge software capability gaps that exist from skipping previous versions in the software update cycle.

  • Trade partner discovery. Identify your existing trade partners on the TraceLink network — and seek other companies for new business relationships. With one click, you can discover company and individual profiles, and link directly to companies with whom you work to improve collaborative business processes.

  • Streamlined workflows, shared with everyone. Leverage configurations and workflows that have been defined for the hundreds of companies that have already joined the TraceLink network. When you join, you instantly benefit from the information maps, format interoperability, messaging choreography, and configurable workflows that we’ve developed for each preceding customer. No more time-consuming and costly custom builds for every integration.

  • Automatic data translation into preferred formats. Take advantage of our network-tenant data translation engine, which takes incoming data in whatever format a company chooses to use and translates that information into whatever data format you've selected to use.

  • Automated validation for compliance and GxP. Maintain continuous compliance with every new software release with automated validation test scripts and documented results, eliminating the need for validation resources to write and execute tests manually.

  • Timely software updates. Receive software updates the moment they are available to ensure your business is always able to keep pace with change when external forces, such as new regulatory requirements, standards and trade partner requests dictate the need for modifications. Never wait in line behind other customers who have been prioritized ahead of yours for software updates.

  • No internal infrastructure. Eliminate the need for internal staff to maintain an internal hardware stack, implementation, and any ongoing maintenance related to feature releases, bug fixes, security patches, OS upgrades, and more.
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