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Global Compliance


Comply with evolving serialization and reporting requirements — the most complex the industry has ever seen. Under Federal Law No. 425-FZ, which was signed and published in December 2017, companies are required to manage serialization and traceability of medicines from manufacturer to patient, and report product and transaction events to the central government system.


  • Serialization. Serialize at multiple packaging levels and aggregate.

  • Reporting. Communicate up to more than 20 transactional events to FSIS MDC, the Russia government system for monitoring and tracking.


Russia Compliance
Russia Compliance enables you to report on serialized events, and manage import, export, receipt, transfer, and shipment processes. It handles the extensive data requirements for each event, including several Russia-specific elements like pricing. Russia Compliance Reporting also produces reports in .xml format and encodes them with electronic signatures, employing a new level of technical sophistication not seen in other markets.

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