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Global Track and Trace


Meet serialization and track and trace requirements as well as verification at point of dispense depending on your regulatory market. Integrate with suppliers and national medicine verification systems to receive and report the required regulatory transactions and information. Manage the receipt of serialized product into store locations, hospitals, or distribution centers with minimal interruption to operational processes.


  • Trade partner integration. Easily configurable connections with suppliers eliminating point to point integration risk.

  • Scalable healthcare provider processes. Specific functionality for unique dispenser use cases such as loan/borrow and architecture that is scalable on demand.

  • Government system integration. Verified integrations to National Medicine Verification Systems (NMVS).

  • Mobile serialization applications. Purpose-built mobile solution to enable serialization drive-enabled receiving and dispensing.


Serialized Operations Manager
Serialized Operations Manager (SOM) provides an EPCIS repository to manage serialization and related event data. Integrating with your WMS and ERP systems, Serialized Operations Manager ensures that the serialized inventory remains in sync with the physical inventory and that the right serialization information is captured from and transmitted to partners. All of this is accomplished at operational speeds so that business efficiencies are not impacted.

Smart Inventory Tracker
Smart Inventory Tracker is a mobile application—natively connected to the cloud—that combines serialization and fulfillment operations in the warehouse to meet both business and regulatory compliance needs. The application manages your warehouse data where the product is handled, enabling rapid response. Smart Inventory Tracker verifies and updates the status of the serialized product in your TraceLink serialization repository, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), with compliance reporting triggered based on configurable workflows.

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