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Global Track and Trace

Cloud-based, network platform enabling serialization and track and trace across the enterprise. Global Track and Trace offers a standardized approach for generating, exchanging, and managing serialization and event data to meet global compliance requirements. The architecture is built on technologies that are scalable on demand, while operational workflows enable serialization to be layered “on top of” operational business processes. Pre-built business logic and configurable workflows route data to the appropriate compliance module based on event type and target market, eliminating the need for complex customizations.


  • Meet global requirements from a single platform. Advanced business logic and rules to create and transmit the right information to the right partner or government authority.

  • Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™. Discover, on-board and integrate to new trading partners through simplified use interface.

  • Manage serialized inventory at the edge. Capture and manage serial number events and disposition for product inventory.

  • Broad use case support. Productized functionality for packaging, wholesaling, distribution and dispensing use cases.

  • Data and operational scalability. On-demand and proactive scalability to ensure transaction processing and serial number lookups do not delay business processes.

Use Cases

Manufacturing. Enables serial number generation and allocation to line management systems and contract partners. Provides business logic to verify commissioning to detect abnormalities and malformed data.

Logistics. Manages serialized events from product receipt through to shipping and re-work occurring within the 3PL. Architected to meet the massive storage and processing requirements expected at a 3PL without delaying your operational processes.

Repackagers. Generate and allocate serial numbers to line management systems. Associate repackaged product serial number to the original product serial number.

Parallel Importing. Verify serial numbers against a local repository as well as National Medicine Verification Systems. Generate and allocate serial numbers to line management systems.

Distribution. Manage requirements for tracking serialized product from product receipt through to shipping. Integrate serialization into your operational processes and ensure that your WMS, ERP, and serialization repository are aligned.

Dispensing. Meet serialization and track and trace requirements as well as verification at point of dispense depending on your regulatory market. Integrate with suppliers and national medicine verification systems.

Anti-Diversion. Prevent drug diversion and secure product supply through serialization, track and trace, and mobile technologies. Protect revenue and enforce trade partner policies with better product and supply chain visibility.

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