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Global Track and Trace


Manage your serialization requirements for associating repackaged product to the original packaging and documenting the relationship. Quickly onboard and integrate your suppliers and customers through standards-based integration formats. Track and maintain aggregation relationships during repackaging and warehouse processes.


  • Serial number generation. Manage serial number inventories by automatically replenishing serial number pools.

  • Trade partner integration. Easily configurable connections with trade partners are used to send and receive TH/TI/TS eliminating point to point integration risk.

  • Serial number linking. Easily link original serial numbers to repackaged product serial numbers to meet regulatory requirement.

  • Data and operational scalability. On-demand and proactive scalability to ensure transaction processing and serial number lookups do not delay business processes.


Serial Number Manager and Exchange
Serial Number Manager and Serial Number Exchange (SNM and SNX) provides serial number generation including randomization and sequential for different packaging levels. Serial number inventories are maintained by setting configurable parameters on when to generate more serial numbers. Serial numbers are exchanged with line management systems using pre-built, commercialized integrations with all of the leading line management systems.

Serialized Operations Manager
Serialized Operations Manager (SOM) provides an EPCIS repository to manage serialization and related event data. Integrating with your WMS and ERP systems, Serialized Operations Manager ensures that the serialized inventory remains in-synch with the physical inventory and that the right serialization information is captured from and transmitted to partners. All of this is accomplished at operational speeds so that business efficiencies are not impacted.

Edge Track
Edge Track provides serialization capabilities at the edge. Rather than modifying an already heavily customized WMS or ERP, Edge Track integrates to your operational systems and provides the serialization software for handheld scanners and mobile devices. Edge Track ensures that your WMS, ERP, and the Serialized Operations Manager are all operating in sync.

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