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Global Track and Trace

Trade Partner Network

Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™ across a network of over 281,000+ business entities. Enable multi-enterprise collaboration across serialization and compliance business processes. Quickly discover, onboard, and integrate your trade partners for data exchange. Ensure that the trade partners have been verified and approved to exchange data. Deliver transactions using standards-based formats while accommodating extensions and customizations.


  • Minimize cost of trade partner onboarding. Configure new information exchange relationships rather than implementing new integrations.

  • Increase customer and supplier satisfaction. Provide data transactions in the format and using the choreography required by your customer or supplier.

  • Ensure trade partner integrity. Each trade partner is verified as a legitimate business entity through license and business identifier verification.

  • Discover new partners. Identify new business relationships based on discovering trade partners on the network.
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