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Serialized Product Intelligence

“No Comply, No Supply”

The Challenge of Serialization Exceptions

Serialization exceptions across global regulatory environments are causing an unprecedented increase in supply chain disruptions. Supply chain disruptions can have an enormous financial impact — especially when they result in significant product shipping delays or batches that must be scrapped. Additional expenses include costs related to managing and resolving exceptions, carrying inventory, product expiration, and shipments that must be returned, repackaged, relabeled, and redistributed.

Quickly Detect and Resolve Supply Chain Disruptions

TraceLink Serialized Product Intelligence equips your team with tools for early detection and speedy resolution of the increasing number of disruptions that result from serialization exceptions. The solution is designed to provide visibility into the event history of serial numbers, saving time and resources that would otherwise be needed to compile the data manually.

Spend Your Time More Effectively

With Serialized Product Intelligence, serialization operations teams can spend less effort dealing with exceptions and focus on operational excellence and adding business value. The result can mean more products delivered on time, in full to patients.

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