Serialized Product Intelligence

Shift from a Reactive to a Proactive Serialized Supply Chain

Powerful Features to Unlock the Value of Your Serialization Data

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Review serial number events 

Examine the journey of each serial number to accelerate root cause analysis of internal and CMO operational issues, including reconciling all shipments and deliveries.

  • Analyze item movement time series data reported to TraceLink, significantly reducing root cause analysis time. 
  • Conveniently view all compliance and serialization events
  • Analyze products, serial numbers, and events associated with transactions such as shipments or receipts
  • Compare operational events with regulatory reports to verify accuracy or troubleshoot
  • View compliance failures and drill into the root causes


Reconcile serial numbers 

Proactively monitor and reconcile production quantities across products and aggregation levels to enable continuous and compliant operations.

  • Have a consolidated view of the most current status of items in a lot, inside a pallet, or sent in the last transaction
  • Gain visibility into serial numbers by their status (commissioned, shipped, damaged, sampled, blocked, destroyed, etc.)
  • See by the most current aggregation hierarchy reported to TraceLink
  • Compare TraceLink data with ERP and Level 3 systems easily


Monitor commissioned lots

Proactively monitor internal and CMO production quantities to increase forecasting accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, and detect potential disruptions and shortages within your supply chain.

  • View all manufactured products on a single screen
  • Monitor actual commissioned and aggregated quantities across CMOs
  • Validate aggregation accuracy
  • Enable stakeholders to review production in self-service manner without relying on serialization IT and service tickets (e.g., a product country P&L owner can now review if production is on track for their target markets)

Review messages 

This feature is planned for a future release.

Monitor message transmissions with low latency to and from all trading partners to enable successful delivery, identify message failures and error codes, and perform root cause analysis.

  • Monitor messages by business transaction and message type
  • View summarized message details to understand the reason behind a message failure
  • Easily drill into message details to understand the reason behind a message failure

Search audit trail

This feature is planned for a future release.

Enable your serialization operations to be audit and inspection-ready by identifying who did what when and why, and what product was impacted.

  • Have a lateral view into entire serialization operations with previously untapped valuable audit trail information
  • Monitor audit trail across users, systems and events by TraceLink application
  • Drill into specific audit details to examine who changes what data when
  • Equip your quality staff to efficiently monitor and demonstrate compliance to FDA CFR 21 11 and EU Annex 11 

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