Digital Recalls

Closed-Loop Digital Recalls Network

Improve Patient Safety with Digital Recalls on TraceLink’s Network

The current recall process for pharmaceuticals and medical devices is manual, time-consuming, and reliant upon paper-based methods. Recalled products remain in the supply chain due to inefficient practices, and ultimately patients are put at risk. With TraceLink Digital Recalls™ you can gain insight into your recall process, increase recall efficiency, and improve patient safety by removing recalled products from the market faster.  

Close Recalls Faster with Digital Communication

Reduce the time required to close a recall. With TraceLink Digital Recalls, manufacturers can send recall notifications and receive responses in the same digital ecosystem that pharmacies and hospitals use to receive and respond to recall notifications. This digital connection between dispensers and manufacturers enables same-day communication and greatly reduces the time required to close a recall. 

Gain Insight into Recall Progress

Enable an enterprise-wide view of ongoing recalls and their status. Manufacturers can communicate with direct and indirect trading partners and receive visibility into the status of recalled products. Pharmacies and health systems can digitally connect each of their internal locations to coordinate recall efforts. 

Targeted Notifications to Save Time and Increase Efficiency 

Increase recall efficiency by leveraging serialization and shipping data to target recall communication by affected product and location. Manufacturers can send targeted recall notifications by utilizing serialization data so that downstream partners receive only relevant recall alerts. Pharmacies and health systems can limit recall alerts to relevant products and locations, saving valuable staff time in processing recalls.

Join the Recall Network of the Future

Paper-based recall processes will be left behind as the pharmaceutical industry continues to increase the exchange of electronic information as a result of the US DSCSA 2023 requirements. By leveraging TraceLink’s track and trace network, more than 280,000 manufacturers, pharmacies, health systems, wholesalers, and returns processors can start optimizing and digitalizing their processes today with TraceLink Digital Recalls.

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