Patient Engagement

Leverage a bi-directional digital communication channel between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the patients who take their medicines with the only information-sharing network that links life sciences companies to consumers.

Pharma companies using TraceLink’s information sharing network can:

  • Publish and share product descriptions, product images, product videos, administration instructions, and recall alerts with patients
  • View and analyze data about the medicines they supply to patients to influence commercial investments and strategic go-to-market decisions
  • Create product-specific communities where patients can share experiences, ask questions, and discuss health issues with one another

Patients using the TraceLink MyMeds mobile application can:

  • Verify the authenticity of their medicine for additional safety and protection
  • Receive enriched, consumer-friendly product education and timely notifications directly from manufacturers
  • Join medicine-specific communities and share experiential knowledge with other people who have similar conditions and treatment plans
  • Elect to share their personal experiences with the manufacturers about medicine effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions, and more
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