Patient Engagement

Enable patients to securely opt in to receiving real-time information from participating pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and regulatory bodies via mobile and web-based solutions.


  • Real-time verification of medicines. Ensure that the serialized medicines being consumed by patients and their families can be traced back to a trusted source of supply.

  • Data privacy and security. Opt into mobile and web-based applications via security and data privacy protocols that align to important standards like US HIPAA, EU GDPR, and more.

  • Contextual product notifications. At the point of medicine consumption, patients can learn about product quality, including any pending recalls or expiry notices, or report adverse reactions.

  • Access to real-time medicine content. By scanning the unique 2D product barcode, patients gain real-time access to education content in the form of videos, photos, and infographics for their medicine which ensures proper consumption.

  • Medication adherence. Set up medicine reminders that are pre-filled with medicine data based on a scan of the serialized product barcode.

  • Engage with caregivers. Utilize serialized medicines to create digital connections with pharmacists, doctors, and other caregivers.


TraceLink MyMeds
Mobile application available to consumers using both iOS and Android smartphones, and available to download for free on a global basis. Provides a single unified experience for patients, doctors, caregivers, etc. to verify medicines and receive critical real-time content from any participating pharmaceutical company on the TraceLink network.

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