Patient Engagement

Utilize existing serialization solutions to securely publish and share critical medicine information with patients. Set rules and permissions that govern how consumers in various geographies engage with products. Gain insight into serialized medicine verification events that are occurring throughout the world.


  • Bridge the digital gap to patients. Use serialized medicines to create digital bridges between your pharmaceutical company and the patients who are taking your medicines.

  • Ensure safe delivery of products. Provide valuable, real-time product information at the moment when patients will be consuming your products, helping to ensure patient safety through the use of authentic medicines.

  • Drive better educational and medication adherence. Ensure that patients are properly educated about medicine use cases to better inform medicine regimens and adherence rates.

  • Analyze commercial targeting effectiveness. Determine if medicines intended for specific geographies actually reached their target locations through the use of anonymous consumer verification data.

  • Create real-time manufacturing intelligence. Leverage serialized verification data to determine product velocity through the supply chain and pinpoint where supply and demand inefficiencies are occurring.


Product Information Manager
Product Information Manager provides use cases and functionality for enabling the sharing of medicine information, interactive digital content, product disposition status, and other critical product notifications to patients in a secure way. The pharmaceutical manufacturer sets permissions and guidelines for how consumers can verify medicines and receive product information based on product type, geography, and other controls.

TraceLink MyMeds
Mobile application available to consumers using both iOS and Android smartphones, and available to download for free on a global basis. Provides a single unified experience for patients, doctors, caregivers, etc. to verify medicines and receive critical real-time content from any participating pharmaceutical company on the TraceLink network.

TraceLink Medicine Verification SDK
Software development kit which provides a multi-channel approach for incorporating medicine verification experiences into existing web and mobile solutions. Integrates verification information from participating downstream trading partners and consumers with the data in the core serialization repository to provide a single source of truth for all serialized operations.

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