Product Information Management

Manage the sharing and consumption of product information sets by and between pharmaceutical manufacturers, their trading partners, and patients with an integrated suite of applications on the TraceLink network. Enable all network participants to set rules and permissions for how they want to securely publish or consume different information tied to uniquely serialized medicine products.

Manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, and pharmacies can use TraceLink's Product Information solutions to:

  • Share data across the supply chain by publishing information to direct trading partners, and extend your information exchange reach to the indirect partners and patients (where applicable) that interact with the medicines you provide
  • Satisfy compliance and trade partner business requirements with a scalable way to share critical product information within supply chain business processes
  • Discover new network trading partners through whom business relationships can be expanded by utilizing the TraceLink network directory
  • Manage multiple use cases, including master data sharing, network recalls, product verification routing, patient engagement, and more

Use Cases

Verification. Verify serial numbers in response to regulatory requirements such as saleable returns verification. Gain visibility into supply chain vulnerabilities through suspect and counterfeit product investigations.

Master Data Sharing. Automatically distribute new and updated master data to trade partners. Control access to master data within your trade partner network based on product and segment parameters.

Patient Engagement. Directly engage with patients through multiple experiences including mobile. Exchange important information with the patient to support their treatment and well-being.

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